The King Building, Charlottesville, Virginia

The King Warehouse was built in 1897 for Charles King and Sons Grocer, and for Mr. King's stables, which were located in the western corner of the building. The sales force distributed dry goods to the City of Charlottesville, Madison, Orange, Nelson and Buckingham Counties by buggy and cart. During a typical week, the sales force would depart on Monday and return on Friday, renting rooms and additional horses as needed along their route. For eighty years tobacco, bananas, canned beets, beans and other goods were received and distributed from The King Building. The building and business was family owned and operated until 1981.

In 1982, building renovations were undertaken to create an office complex. The office complex comprises some 4,700 square feet between two floors, with an additional 3,700 square feet allocated to a basement storage area.

The building renovations were designed by architect Richard Shank & Associates and carried out by Thacker Construction Company. Gaston, Murray & Wyatt crafted the 100 year-old heart of pine beams, flooring, and doors featured throughout the office complex.